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Our experience with corporate and personal immigration law matters enables us to assist clients in navigating through this often confusing area of the law.

We work with corporations/employers to assist them with understanding the legal steps that must first be followed before bringing key employees to Canada. We assist with the immigration documents required as well as to identify how immigration law might affect their business dealings. We can also help identify the reasons why a foreign national may not be permitted entry to Canada and advise on options to overcome these challenges. Our clients rely on us to help them through the paperwork and filings required to deal with their labour shortages.

We also work with individuals to help them understand the steps required to sponsor a loved one, whether they are eligible for permanent residence status in Canada (an area of law that is changing regularly), which tests immigration officers use to assess whether an individual may be granted entry to Canada, as well as a variety of other immigration matters. We are there to help you through the process of obtaining permanent residence, work permits, study permits, and reuniting family. We'll work with you through the entire process from identifying and filing the required documents to dealing with officers and preparing you for a possible interview, as well as the cross-border procedure.

We have experience dealing with all applicable government departments in the immigration process, including Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Service Canada, and the Canada Border Services Agency.

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