Wills & Estates

Preparation of Wills / Powers of Attorney & Health Care Directives / Probate & Administration of Estates / Estate & Tax Planning / Trusts & Committeeship

We act for testators, executors, beneficiaries, and interested third parties in all areas of wills and estates. We can help to clarify the role of the executor and protect the rights of estate beneficiaries through court applications and hearings.

Our team works with your accountants and financial advisors to help prepare family and other trusts for tax planning. Our lawyers can also assist in preparing the documentation required to obtain probate or letters of administration, distributing estate assets, and preparing and passing of estate accounts. We also advise executors generally about the proper administration of estates.

Talk to us about applying for the appointment of a committee. A committee is an individual or individuals appointed by the court to administer the affairs of a person who is incompetent but who has not executed a Power of Attorney. We can help the proposed applicant(s) gather information, obtain consents, prepare the necessary applications, and obtain the order of committeeship, and can assist in administration of the committeeship estate including passing of accounts.

We can advise on any estate litigation matter, including providing the validity of wills, interpretation of wills, bringing any applications under dependents' relief legislation, passing of executors' accounts, and enforcing or defending the rights of spouses under The Family Property Act


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