Family Law

Divorce & Separation / Custody, Care & Control & /or  Access / Child Support / Spousal Support / Family Property Accounting & Division / Pre-Nuptial Agreements / Spousal Agreements / Separation Agreements / Cohabitation Agreements / Common-Law Relationships / Common-Law Relationship Agreements / Adoption / Guardianship / Child Protection

Fillmore Riley LLP provides services in all areas of family law. Our experience and commitment to professional, personal service will help you through the process of separation, divorce, or other sensitive family situations. 

Oftentimes, a family lawyer helps clients through the most difficult time in their lives.  In the middle of family legal disputes, clients’ emotions tend to run high, especially in cases of physical abuse or adultery. Our lawyers not only possesses extensive knowledge of the law but also exceptional “people skills” and the ability to help clients navigate the complex legal realities of transitioning families.

All of the members of our Family Law group have received training in Collaborative Law and are qualified to resolve settlements through this process. Collaborative Family Law is a process in which the parties and their lawyers make a formal commitment to resolve the dispute using an interest-based model rather than a ligation model. The collaborative process relies on principled negotiation techniques.

Family Law can affect more than just the family, so our team works closely with other practice groups in the firm, such as the Tax Law and Business Law groups, to ensure that our solutions take all relevant matters into consideration.

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