Program Details

Our Gatekeeper System will take you down the path you choose.

Focused on attracting and nurturing the most talented articling students, we offer a collaborative, friendly environment to help you succeed. At Fillmore Riley, we believe the articling year is a time of learning and growth. Therefore, you are not required to record a minimum number of billable hours. 

To ensure you get the most out of articling, we’ve implemented what we call our Gatekeeper System. Under this system, one designated partner receives all of the student assignments from lawyers in the firm and evenly distributes the assignments among students. By effectively managing your work flow, the “gatekeeper” exposes you to a diverse range of legal work and helps you to build relationships with lawyers in your practice areas of interest.

You will work under the supervision of lawyers but as your skills develop, you will assume conduct of client files. Files are often worked on by a team of lawyers, providing you with the opportunity to experience counsel in action and receive feedback on your work.

You will also be assigned to a partner who acts as a principal throughout your articling year. Committed to fostering your professional development, your principal acts as a guide and resource. The Articling Committee, composed of lawyers from various practice groups and your peers, is another resource that rounds out your articling experience. Typically held in a casual atmosphere, the monthly meetings focus on practice management skills and instruction in the various practice areas.

Fillmore Riley’s tradition of growth from within.

Our efforts in hiring and training articling students are consciously directed towards future growth and development. Over the last decade, 100 per cent of articling students have joined the firm as associates after completion of articles.